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Product Updates - January 2024

Shared by RAM • January 31, 2024

Hi there,

Our January update sees new updates to improve how you can use our products together to get a clearer overview of your fleet.

Rollout of Assist Checks and Defects in Tracking

Our Plus customers will begin to see the latest status of thier RAM Assist Daily Vehicle Checks and Defects within the RAM Tracking grid. Once you have this feature enabled on your account you can click on the traffic light to see a summary of the check and quickly link to see more data in RAM Assist.

Rollout of live Streaming Camera in RAM Tracking

If you have RAM Live cameras installed in your vehicles you will begin to see the details of these camera in the grid in the Tracking web app. You will be able to click a camera icon in the grid to see the details from your vehicle and start live streaming. If you need more details, you can then jump into RAM Live.

Temperature Alerts

You can now purchase temperature sensors to go with compatible trackers and set up temperature alerts to be notified when a temperature thresholds has been breached. Contact our Sales team via the chat function to find out more.

GeoFences - improved editing

Our new feature allows you to convert a circle geofence into a polygon so you can edit it further than you could. Previously, when you converted User Locations to Geofences to share with the rest of your organisation they were created as circles and you were only able to edit the circle size and location but now you can customise them to your requirements.

Recap on User Locations and Geofences

In case you missed it previously here's a quick recap of the our new Geofence feature and why you should use them over User Locations:

  • Geofences are shared across the whole account and are the same for everyone - if you edit a Geofence everyone else will get the same update.
  • Reporting is faster for Geofences than User Locations.

Do bear in mind however that Geofences aren't historical; they only appear in reports for events that occurred after the geofence was set up.