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Feature update

We've added Congestion Zone & ULEZs to our Geofences!

Shared by RAM • January 10, 2023

Hi there,

Geofences have been updated 🙌.

We've recently added the ability to use preloaded geofences for Congestion Zones & ULEZ's around the country, which will include at launch:

  • Ontario 407 Toll Road (Canada)
  • Dartford Crossing
  • London Congestion Zone & ULEZ
  • Birmingham CAZ
  • Bath CAZ
  • Portsmouth LEZ
  • Oxford LEZ
  • M6 Toll

We'll keep adding new congestion and ULEZ zones as they become available but if you think we've missed one please get in touch.

You can run reports on Congestion Zone activity for your fleet via the History Reports section of the RAM Tracking product.