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Product Updates - June 2023

Shared by RAM • June 13, 2023

Hi there,

Our latest updates include changes to allow admin users to edit vehicle groups, the new Glasgow ULEZ that went live this month and improved group reports so you can get all your vehicle data in a single file. Continue reading for more details on each of these changes.

Editing Vehicle Groups

From the top menu select Vehicles -> Vehicle Groups. This will then open the new section where you can add and edit groups and move vehicles between the different groups on your account. Groups are then visible in the grid below the map and within the reporting screens to enable you to quickly identify your vehicles.

Glasgow ULEZ

The new ULEZ in Glasgow has gone live this month. You can run reports on Zone In/Out activity to ensure you pay any fees and you can set up email and app alerts via the Event Alerts menu option

Group Report Improvements

In History Reports it is now possible to consolidate Travel, Private, Business and Stop reports into a single file for all vehicles rather than getting multiple files. Simply check the new checkbox and run the report as usual

We're constantly providing you with new updates to streamline your processes and improve your general experience. Don't forget to check back here to see any new updates that we have brought out!