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Feature update

RAM Tracking is benefitting from some new updates!

Shared by RAM • January 25, 2023

Hey there,

We've got a few new updates to the RAM Tracking system:

We've added several features that you can take advantage of:

  • When using the API, driver details are now visible! Rather than get details of the vehicle that the driver is in, you can get information on the driver instead. Ideal for those that are using multi-drivers in vehicles.
  • Added a satellite fix icon into the RAM Tracking mobile app, this will show those in the head office if certain vehicles are not currently receiving signal. This can really help if the tracking seems to be off (for example, when you're in a tunnel), you understand that it is due to the signal rather than the software.
  • We have also added a "What's New" to the dropdown so you can quickly and easily see our latest news and updates. This is to help you keep track of any significant changes and the latest news.

We are pleased to have brought these useful features to the RAM Tracking software to increase our functionality.